Monday, May 2, 2011

A new dawn...!

BENTARA is a one-man project by Bentara who was the founder of LANGSUYR.

Tired of the Malaysian music industries which are very closed-minded, almost no support whatsoever from the music industry, Bentara unleashed its solo effort simply named to himself, BENTARA.

The first release, Master Jedi will consist of a compilation of songs compiled by Bentara while he was with LANGSUYR. It will be a free music and everyone is encouraged to download the MP3 files and SPREAD them (when they are ready). A much defined and detailed version will be made available for free (or donate) - burned CDR + photocopied cover on selected Metal music events.

A premium release will be made available (30 limited CDRs) from soon-to-be-announced distributor.

In this blog, song clips will be made able for viewing. Comments are encouraged.

And please spread the music!


  1. gua tak sempat nak layan lagi tapi bagi komen dulu la....

    may the force be with you

  2. All the Best! kot boleh berkembang mcm Cik Yuna.. :)

  3. Jamming ngan band la baru enjoy, bukan one man project. Get a life

  4. Minami,

    There is DIED, VOCIFERATION ETERNITY, YELLOW SUBMARINE dan HIGH VOLTAGE yang saya main dalam full band.

  5. Boss.. ade wat copy lg x cdr dari lagu sendri (jebat,pejuang dll)? Kalu ade, harap dpt bg info kpd sya @ wasap
    019-389 5112. Dah lama mncari karya "bentara guru x-Langsuyr". Trima kasih..