Monday, May 2, 2011

A new dawn...!

BENTARA is a one-man project by Bentara who was the founder of LANGSUYR.

Tired of the Malaysian music industries which are very closed-minded, almost no support whatsoever from the music industry, Bentara unleashed its solo effort simply named to himself, BENTARA.

The first release, Master Jedi will consist of a compilation of songs compiled by Bentara while he was with LANGSUYR. It will be a free music and everyone is encouraged to download the MP3 files and SPREAD them (when they are ready). A much defined and detailed version will be made available for free (or donate) - burned CDR + photocopied cover on selected Metal music events.

A premium release will be made available (30 limited CDRs) from soon-to-be-announced distributor.

In this blog, song clips will be made able for viewing. Comments are encouraged.

And please spread the music!